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Synthetic Thatch

*New Product*

Synthetic Bali Thatch   


 (Suits Cape Reed Replacement as well)

This exciting new product is the result of years of development and testing, combined with industry experience.

This Polyurithane compound thatch tile is UV and colour stabilised to give up to 30 years of service with no fading, no mess, no maintenance.

The Manufacturer offers a 10 year warranty on the product giving you the confidence that we back what we supply.

The Synthetic Bali Thatch comes in a tile designed to be used as a direct replacement for the AFRICAN CAPE REED THATCH tile as well as an all purpose thatch for Bali Huts or to go over any other roof type.

For years customers have been looking for product with the ease of installation of the well known Cape Reed product to replace their aging natural thatch. The Synthetic tile is designed for that purpose being of the same dimentions and using the same famous clip attach system, while also being able to easily replace natural Bali Thatch or be used over a timber or corrugated iron roof to give a natural thatch look with no maintenance, no mess and a lifespan of 25 to 30 years.

Ozthatch are proud to be selected by the manufacturer Fiber Roofing as the official Australian agent for this exciting new product

Oz Thatch have worked closely with Fiber Roofing for over 15 years now, and for the last year in the final development of this product, at last we have a synthetic product that looks authentic, like the popular Balinese Thatch and is universal in its possible applications, and at the same time is a straight clip on, long life replacement for the original natural Cape Reed Thatch with the Balinese look ever popular in Australia.


TILE SIZE  800mm wide x 600mm long x 30mm thick

COVERAGE  Designed to overlap 200 to250mm each tile covers 800mm x 350 to 400mm OR 3 to 3.5 tiles/m2

WATERPROOFING The Synthetic Bali Thatch is designed as a shade solution and reduces UV by 98% however it is not designed to be 100% waterproof. on average it should be also around 98% water proof.

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